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Yachting in Saba

We are delighted to welcome you and your guests to the beautiful Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean, Saba! 

Clearance Information

As your agent, we will handle the immigration and customs formalities for you. If your visit is less than 24 hours, we will clear the vessel in and out at the same time.

Please send us the following pre-arrival documents:

  • Guest List

  • Crew List 

  • Ship's Registry 

  • Last port of call & ETA

  • Next port of call & ETD

  • Declaration if any weapons are on board.

  • Exit clearance from previous port of call.


If your guests and/or crew are coming ashore, we will need the physical passports to have them scanned in and out. We will greet your tender upon arrival at the tender pier in Fort Bay. Our office is conveniently located in the harbor building along with immigration and customs. 

The Saba Conservation Yacht Registration form lists the nature fees and local restrictions. We will complete it and send to you for the captain's required signature. Kindly return and we will submit it on your behalf.

sabamap 200_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Anchorage Information

For larger yachts, we recommend dropping your own hook in one of the anchorage zones. Click on the Anchorage map for your reference. Ideal locations will very on weather conditions during your visit, however there are some great spots to tuck away in. 

Saba's only port is located at Fort Bay, on the south-west shore of the island. We share the small docks with ferries, dive boats, fisherman, cargo and commercial vessels.

You may utalize the tender pier to bring your guests ashore. For safety purposes, do not attempt to come ashore along the coastline. 

Saba's Port Brochure-2.png

Marine Park

The Saba Marine Park, which was established in 1987, circles the entire island from the high-water mark to a depth of 60 m (200 feet), including the seabed and overlying waters.


  • Anchoring is only allowed within the designated anchorage zones.

  • Anchoring in coral or anywhere within a recreational dive zone is prohibited.

  • When passing a boat flying a dive flag, always pass on the seaward side, at least 150 meters away.

  • When approaching Fort Bay or other anchorage areas, speed may not exceed 5 knots (no wake).

  • Water skiing, jet-skiing and fishing are not permitted in the Saba National Marine Park.

  • Spear fishing, turtle catching, and conch collecting are not allowed.

  • Do not litter or discharge any foreign substances into the water.

Saba BankNational Park

The Saba Bank National Park, established in 2010, is the largest submarine atoll in the Atlantic Ocean covering an area of 2600 km2. In 2012 it became the world’s 13th Particularly Sensitive Sea Area, giving it an International Maritime Organization designation as a non-anchoring area as well as an Area to Be Avoided by vessels of larger than 300GT. That same year it was recognized as an area of regional importance by the Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife Protocol (SPAW). In September 2015, the Saba Bank became part of the Yarari Marine Mammal and Shark Sanctuary covering all waters of Saba, St Eustatius and Bonaire. 

Things to do on Saba

Saba offers a variety of adventures to be enjoyed!


We are happy to pre-arrange island tours, scuba diving, guided hiking, gin tasting and dining reservations.

@Kai Wulf

Bird Watching

4.5-hour Guided Tour
6 persons Maximum

The unique Saba Birding Quest brings you around the island to the island’s most elusive locations.


  • Fort Bay, spotting Red Billed Tropicbirds and the rare Common Ground Dove.

  • Pirate Cliffs, This ideal vantage point overlooks Green Island and the world’s shortest commercial runway where a variety of seabirds can be spotted including: Red-billed Tropicbirds, Frigate birds, Brown Boobies, Brown Noddies, Sooty Terns, and occasionally a nesting pair of Peregrine Falcons.

  • Mas Cohone Hill, to spot Bridled Quail Doves and Brown Tremblers.

  • Spring Bay Trail Head where many birds of prey can be seen.

  • Trail Shop Windwardside, where Caribbean Hummingbirds reside.

  • Museum Grounds to search for the Yellow Warbler, Grass Quit, Banana Quits, and Lesser Antillean Bullfinch.


A Pocket Guidebook to the Birds of Saba, written by bird expert Dr. Adrian Delnevo, is included.


Dive in Saba’s pristine and protected National Marine Park with high populations of marine life, and healthy corals. Deep water seamounts provide spectacular dramatic drop-offs, wall dives and the renowned pinnacles. With over 30 dive sites, there is something for everyone! 

Diving in Saba is only allowed through a Saba licensed dive shop with guide. Diving without a local dive guide is not permitted.

  • Have a private guide join your tender.

  • Charter a dive boat with full crew. 


Please let us know if your guests would like to go diving and we will make arrangements for you. 

Turtle in the Reef
Island tour image from Kai.jpg

@Kai Wulf

Island Tours

2.5-hour Guided Tour

Take a scenic drive to visit the charming villages of Saba in a local taxi van. Your driver will be your  guide to stunning views and island historic facts with scenic stops along the way.


  • The tour begins at the Fort Bay and continues up, yes, up to The Bottom, Saba’s Capital. Drive along a cobblestone road to the Sacred Heart Church. Angels meet in the Rainforest, in a beautifully detailed mural, by local artist, Heleen Cornet. 

  • A scenic drive to Hell’s Gate, where there will be a stop at the Hell’s Gate Church to view the world’s shortest commercial runway.

  • Arrive in Windwardside where you will be able to walk along the main street. You will not find any brand names stores on Saba, what you will find is a variety of unique and high quality shops offering hand crafted and some one of a kind pieces.


What some more adventure? Let us plan a guided hike with one of the park rangers venture off and explore on your own. 


Guided hiking, provided by the Saba Conservation Foundation, can be booked directly with us and we will take care of all of the arrangements. 

The SCF maintains a network of beautiful hiking trails throughout the island, and offers a variety of levels of difficulty starting from the shoreline deep into the clouds.

Please know that this is true hiking. Please let us know which trail your guests are interested in. The hiking trail should be based on the guests’ physical fitness level. 

Saba's most popular popular hikes are the Mount Scenery Trail which takes you to the top of mountain to to the highest point in the Netherlands and the Sandy Cruz Trail which takes you into the mountain, lush rainforest with amazing views, including the world’s shortest commercial air strip.


Click on the links below for more information and to share with your guests. 

Mount Scenery tree ferns.jpg

@Kai Wulf

Red Snappers

Saba Fish Market

Fresh Fish? The Saba Fisherman Association offers fresh fish and lobster. Contact us to see what they have available.

  • Red Snapper

  • Mahi mahi

  • Wahoo packs or whole

  • Fresh Live Saban Lobster

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