Established in 2005, Saba C-Transport, N.V. is a privately owned and operated company dedicated to providing an exceptional level of service to our clients. SCT has developed a reputation for providing clients with custom services based upon client needs. 

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Saba C-Transport, N.V. is available to act as agents for any type of vessel including mega yachts, small cruise lines, fuel tankers and commercial vessels. Just contact us and we will take care of all your clearance needs, arrange island tours, hiking, diving, snorkeling, photography tours, birding tours, fine dining and concierge services. 

Dawn II

The Saba Ferry

SCT is the agent for Dawn II ~ The Saba Ferry which has provided a vital link between Saba and Sint Maarten since 2005.

The 65' aluminum vessel is equipped to carry 50 passengers and features an air-conditioned passenger cabin with comfortably padded seats inside as well as outside seating to enjoy the cool Caribbean breeze.


The Dawn II specializes in the importation and exportation of light cargo. Visit Shipping Services for more information. 

Blues & Blues, LTD.

Mutty's Pride Cargo Vessel Agents

SCT is the local agent for Blues & Blues, LTD. which operates the Mutty's Pride cargo vessel since 2011. The Mutty's Pride travels to from Saint Martin to Saba every Wednesday providing consistent and reliable service to Saba on a weekly basis. 

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