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Mount Scenery Trail

Hike to the Summit of Saba

Saba's most popular trail takes you into the cloud forest to the highest point the in the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the Mount Scenery Trail. 

👣 1,015 steps with an altitude of 877m or 2877'

This is a strenuous hike into the rainforest, it is subject to slippery and muddy conditions. Be sure that you are physically fit to venture to the top. 

Distance: 2.39km/1.49mi from Windwardside 

Time: 2.5 hours round trip (depending on pace)


There are two main access points, the first is from Windwardside opposite the Trail Shop. The second, is a shortcut from the end of the Mountain Road which reduces hiking time by about 20 minutes. Please let me know the guests preference so that I may inform the driver.

Mount Scenery tree ferns.jpg
Elfin Forest #2 @ Kai Wulf.jpg

Cloud Forest

Step into the Elfin Forest and you are surrounded by dense vegetation with a variety of species that covers the summit and upper slopes. The Elfin Forest dominates the upper 50m (150ft) of the mountain and is comprised of Mountain Mahogany covered with Epiphytes, Orchids and a myriad of other unique and rare plants.

Mt Scenery Ropes copy.jpg

What to bring:

  • Bring plenty of water with you.

  • Broad brimmed hat and sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Sneakers or hiking boots

  • Hiking stick

  • Camera

  • As you ascend into the rainforest, you may need a long sleeve shirt or light jacket.

There are no mobile phone connections on parts of the trail. 

Be cautious on the way down. 

Use hand railings where available. 

Walk down sideways and use a hiking stick for balance. 

Interpretational signs at rest sheds. 

You may use trail boxes for notes or to leave memories.

Saba Conservation Foundation offers the rental of pro hiking poles: US$ 10 for 1 or US$ 15 for a pair per day. Please let me know if you would like hiking poles and how many. 

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