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Sandy Cruz Trail


Step into the Jungle

Saba's second most popular trail takes you deep into the lush rainforest and through abandoned farm land, with amazing ocean views, view of the Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, the world’s shortest commercial air strip. The trail crosses the Saba National Park.

Please note that guests should be physically fit in order to participate. There are some areas that require hikers to climb over boulders and rocky pathways.

Distance: 2.86km/1.78mi

Time: Approximately 2.5-3 hours (depends on guests pace)

Degree of difficulty: Moderate 



Meet your guide at the dock to embark on your journey, local taxi buses will transport you up to The Bottom and on to Upper’s Hell’s Gate. 

This is a one-way hike, your driver will pick you up in Troy Hill and the trail end. 

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All too Far Junction

Climb into the mountain through farm land, then descend into a lush rainforest where you will be surrounded by Tree ferns, Manjack trees, Trumpet-wood trees, Balsam trees, Elephant Ears, epiphytic Bromeliads and yellow Heliconia. Hiking across a ravine you will come to an opening and see the first ocean views. You’ll find Star of Bethlehem with white flowers and Dare Meat trees with orange tubular flowers. After a short descent, you arrive at the first resting bench which offers a view of the Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport and the world’s shortest commercial air strip. After about 45 minutes into the hike, you will reach the junction for the All Too Far trail, which marks the western border of the Saba National Park. The trail will be fairly level with a continuous view of the ocean. Tree ferns, Fiddle wood trees, Trumpet-wood trees, and Elephant grass are common in this old farmland. After hiking for about an hour and a half, you will start a descent with a lot of switchbacks in the trail. You will be met again with more Balsam Trees with tangled prop roots and Myrtle berry trees as you continue downwards. During this descent, you will cross another ravine and in the months of July and August the northern side of this ravine is laced with the yellow blossoms of the Hilly Hock tree. Once you reach the bottom of the ravine the trail climbs up again to an area called “Plum Piece”. This formerly cultivated area is also an archaeological site that has revealed the oldest Amerindian pre-ceramic settlement on the island. It is located at 400 m (1,330 ft.) above sea level and goes back 3,300 years!


What to bring:

  • Bring plenty of water with you.

  • Broad brimmed hat and sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Sneakers or hiking boots

  • Hiking stick

  • As you ascend into the rainforest, you may need a long sleeve shirt or light jacket.

There are no mobile phone connections on parts of the trail. 

Be cautious on the way down. 

Saba Conservation Foundation offers the rental of pro hiking poles: US$ 10 for 1 or US$ 15 for a pair per day. Please let us know if you would like hiking poles and how many. 

Tree Vines.jpg

Photos courtesy of Kai Wulf @reefguard

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