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Experience, Adventure, & Island Hopping...


Travel between Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten and St. Kitts onboard the Makana ferry. Experience weekly travel for adventures and island hopping!

The 72' Sabre catamaran fast ferry offers you more travel to the places that you want to go! With 2 air-conditioned decks and an open sun deck on the upper floor so you can feel the cool Caribbean wind. Enjoy a refreshing beverage at the bar on board. 

Passengers: 150 maximum

Cruising Speed: 23 knots

Travel Times:

Saba-Statia is 45 mins. 

Saba-Sint Maarten is 75 mins.

Statia-Sint Maarten is 85 mins.

Operated by: Blues & Blues

Saba C - Transport, N.V. is proud to be local agents for Blues & Blues, LTD., since 2010. They have provided ferry and cargo services for over 30 years in the Caribbean.


"Blues & Blues understands the importance of maritime connectivity for the overall development of island nations and look forward to championing these new routes which will serve to improve regional tourism by increasing access to Saba and Statia."  


~ Blues & Blues, Management 



Fort Bay

Known as the “Unspoiled Queen”, Saba is a nature lovers dream destination in the Dutch Caribbean. 


Saba, although small at only 5 square miles; offers award-winning diving, hiking and nature exploration.

Visit Saba and take a step into a realm of the Caribbean like no other...

Ticketing Agent Locations

Check In location

Our check-in office is located in the main immigration and customs office in Fort Bay, at the Captain Leo Chance Pier, which is located on the South-Southwest side of the island. It is about a 15-minute taxi ride from just about anywhere on Saba.

For more information and lodging visit:

Saba Tourism

SCT Statia.jpg

Gallow's Bay
Sint Eustatius

Known as the "Golden Rock", Sint Eustatius is an island full of history and heritage.

Statia, has several beaches, including a black sand beach, visit family and friends, visit the museum and Fort.

Visit Statia and hike into the quill, for an out-of-the-world experience...

Local Agent:

Theodore Pandt Road #12

St. Eustatius

Tel: +1-721-586-4833


Contact Agent: Dermien Lestrade

For more information and lodging visit:

Statia Tourism


Bobby's Marina
Sint Maarten

Located in Philipsburg, Bobby's is within walking distance of Front Street and the Boardwalk. 

Taxis are available at the port upon arrival. There are duty-free stores, restaurants and hotels nearby.

Need a car?  

Travel Rent-A-Car


Located in the marina.

Local Agent:


Basket Whelk Shell Dr. #2 C 1.1.

Hope Estate, Sint Maarten

Cell: +1(721) 553-3670/554-8372

Tel.: +1(721) 543-8915


Contact Agent : Cleveland Codrington

For more information and lodging visit:

Sint Maarten Tourism

st. kitts.jpeg

Port Zante,
St. Kitts

Port Zante is located in the largest and most vibrant city on St. Kitts. Beautiful boardwalks are surrounded by elegant shops. 

Taxis are available at the port upon arrival. 

Local Agent:

Ship It For Less

Unit 6 , Annies Plaza

Central Street

Basseterre, St. Kitts

Tel.: +1(869) 660-1151

Cell: +1(869) 466-1151

For more information and lodging visit:

St. Kitts Tourism


Purchase tickets directly with Makana Ferry Service with your credit card now via


Book Now, pay later with either Cash or Debit Card

Click the link to make bookings.

Bookings are not confirmed until tickets are purchased. 

We highly recommend that you purchase tickets in advance. 


Subject to Change

Travel Rates

Round Trip

Round Trip
Statia ⇄ St. Kitts
Sint Maarten ⇄ St. Kitts
Saba ⇄ St.Kitts
Saba ⇄ Statia
Saba ⇄ Sint Maarten


One-Way Rates
Statia | St. Kitts
Sint Maarten | St. Kitts
Saba | St. Kitts
Sint Maarten | Statia
Saba | Statia
Saba | Sint Maarten

Departure Taxes

St. Kitts Departure Tax
Saba Departure Tax
Sint Maarten Departure Tax
Sint Eustatius Departure Tax

* Departure Taxes are not included in the travel rates.

**Child rates are 2-12 yrs. old

***Infants 0-2 yrs travel for free, departure taxes apply.

Due to the extraordinary increase in gas prices there will be a minimal gas surcharge fee added to your tickets starting September 15, 2023. The fee chart is based on mileage between islands. This small fee will vary quarterly based on increases/decreases in gas prices. We here at Makana Ferry Service belive in our power to heep our routes euning smoothly and as cost effective as possible for our passengers! We look forward to seeing you aboard Makana Ferry! 

Entry Protocols

St. Kitts travelers are required to complete and submit an online Immigration and Customs ED Form form before arrival. 

Upon completion, you will receive a receipt with a QR code that you must present upon check-in and upon arrival in St. Kitts.

For additional information, please see below.

Need COVID testing for travel? The testing center on Saba provides same day service. For more information, click here.

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