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Terms & Conditions

All transactions through the website as well as direct purchases are entered into with Saba C-Transport, N.V.

Table of Contents
1    General Terms
2    Ticketing
3    Fares
4    Boarding and Disembarking Procedures
5    Luggage
6    Pets
7    Passenger Travel Cancellation Policy
8    Force Majeure
9    Cancellations
10    Travel Insurance
11    Passenger Responsibility
12    Right to Refuse Carriage
13    Passenger Misconduct onboard the Ferry/Carrier
14    Passengers State of Health
15    Shipping

1    General Terms
By purchasing a ticket, the passenger accepts all conditions of the General Terms of Transportation mentioned here within.
1.1    Definition. The term "passenger" includes any person to be carried on the basis of a ticket. The term "carrier" means the ferry/shipping company carrying out the sea transport. All employees, managers and temporary workers enjoy the rights of the carrier as determined in these General Terms.

2    Ticketing
2.1    Valid identification such as a passport and/or local ID must be provided for travel.
2.2    The passenger's ticket is valid only for the trip for which it is sold. All times are indicated in local time. The Carrier shall not be liable for any late arrival and/or sailing of the vessel at either the place of departure or at the place of destination. Any ticket purchased is only valid for the trip specified on it and does not constitute a right to travel on any other trip; expired tickets are invalid. 
2.3    It is the passenger's responsibility to check that the details on the ticket are correct; any objections presented subsequently are invalid. 


3    Fares
3.1    Valid fares are those quoted at the time of purchasing a ticket and displayed on the ticket.
3.2    Tickets for transport services by the carrier may be sold through different sales channels. In the event that a ticket offered at a reduced price is acquired at a higher price through a different channel, the difference between the reduced price and the sales price cannot be claimed.


4    Boarding and Disembarking Procedures 
4.1    Check-in
4.1.1    All passengers must arrive at least 1 hour prior to departure for check-in. 
4.2    Check-in strictly ends 30 minutes prior to departure times for immigration purposes. In the case that the indicated time is exceeded, boarding according to the reservation cannot be accepted as the departure may take place 30 minutes prior to the indicated time. 
4.3    Immigration Controls
4.3.1    Passport or local ID, tickets and relevant documents will be checked prior to boarding and upon disembarking. Please have your passports in hand and be ready to present them for immigration officers. 
4.4    Customs Controls
4.4.1    Passengers are required to clear customs. 
4.4.2    Upon entry to the customs office in Saba, please present receipts for purchase for declaration. 
4.4.3    Please visit FAQs for information pertaining to Customs and ABB.


5    Luggage
5.1    Passengers are allowed to take one personal item, one carry-on and one luggage on board free of charge. Additional luggage or shipments will be accepting pending space available, however is subject to additional charge(s).
5.2    All luggage must be properly labeled and sealed.
5.3    Shipper takes full responsibility of the contents of all shipments and declares that the shipment does not contain any form of illegal substances.
5.4    The luggage which may contain personal belongings of the passenger can be carried in suitcases, boxes or similar containers which are not bulky.
5.5    In the event of theft or damage the carrier does not take responsibility for any such items.The carrier does not assume responsibility for luggage. 
5.6    Any passenger carrying on his person or luggage any illegal substances and/or articles or contraband is liable to the carrier or other relevant bodies for any damages, fines and tickets resulting from bringing them on board.


6    Pets
6.1    Kennels are required for all pets, including cats and dogs. Large kennels will be placed in the outside seating area so that you may sit with your pet.
6.2    Dogs are welcome on board and may walk around as long as they are kept on a leash.
6.3    In specific cases the Captain or crew may impose certain restrictions and/or request that the pet be placed in the kennel for safety purposes. 
6.4    Special tariffs apply for animals, please request this upon making your reservation. 
6.5    Please be prepared to clear your animal with customs and local authorities and have the following required documents:
6.5.1    Health Certificate
6.5.2    Rabies Certificate
6.5.3    Microchip Registration
6.5.4    Import/Export Permit, if required.

7    Passenger Travel Cancellation Policy
7.1    All passengers must reconfirm travel schedule 24 hours prior to travel, as schedule is subject to change. 
7.2    All passengers must arrive at least 1 hour prior to departure for check-in. 
7.3    Check-in strictly ends 30 minutes prior to departure times for immigration purposes.
 If you would like to change your travel date, please contact us via email 24 hours in advance of travel. 

7.5    A $15 change fee applies to any ticket changes made 24 hours in advance of travel via email.  

  • Date changes can't exceed 90 days. If the date change is to exceed 90 days, the matter then falls under the cancelation policy

7.6    Any cancellation within 24 hours or no show will be charged, 100% non-refundable.
7.7    Any cancellation made via email up to 24 hours prior to the departure date will receive a 100% refund. 
7.8    Passengers that do not change travel will result in a no-show, and the ticket fare is forfeited.
7.9    All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


8    Force Majeure
8.1    In the event of a force majeure, SCT is not responsible for any delay in travel, deviation or modification of the scheduled route, due to bad weather conditions or Port Authority orders. SCT is not liable for any refunds; however, SCT will act to resume service with the least possible delay after conditions have improved. 
8.2    Ticketed passengers must contact the SCT main office to rebook any portions of travel. SCT will waive any cancellation or rebooking fees within a period of two weeks from the originally booked travel date.
8.3    Events of force majeure may include, but are not limited to:
8.3.1    Meteorological conditions
8.3.2    “Acts of God” a legal term for events outside human control, such as sudden natural disasters, for which no one can be held responsible.
8.3.3    Civil commotion, strikes, riots or wars.
8.3.4    Unsettled international conditions.
8.3.5    Embargoes or governmental restrictions on imports, exports or foreign exchange.
8.3.6    Changes in federal laws.


9    Cancellations
9.1    In the event of a cancellation due to mechanical issue or any other reason, SCT is not responsible for any delay in travel, deviation or modification of the scheduled route. 
9.2    All costs accrued in this respect for other travel, food and accommodation must be paid by the passenger. 
9.3    SCT, its affiliates and/or agents are not held liable for any additional fees that may be incurred due to distributed travel including; irregularities, interruptions or cancellations of services. The passenger has to bear all costs and risks in this respect. 


10    Travel Insurance 
10.1    There are on rare occasions, when travel is either postponed or cancelled due to weather conditions for passenger comfort and safety. This applies to all modes of travel to Saba. SCT, its affiliates and/or agents are not held liable for any additional fees that may be incurred due to distributed travel. For that reason, we do recommend that you purchase travel insurance. In the unlikely event that you need to file a claim, we will be happy to provide any information that may be required for you to do so. 


11    Passenger Responsibility
11.1    Passengers must comply with any regulations in which the carrier or the Captain in its or his sole discretion, may at any time consider necessary for the general good, comfort and safety of the vessel, its equipment and all persons on board the vessel.
11.2    From the time of embarkation to the time of disembarkation the Captain is in complete control of the vessel and all Passengers and property on board the vessel, and passengers are required to carry out all instructions and requirements of the Captain without reservation.
11.3    The onus is upon the passenger to ensure the whereabouts of life jackets or other life saving devices on board the Vessel together with the positioning of all fire extinguishers and other safety devices on such vessel and the onus shall further be on the passengers to familiarize themselves with the use of such devices and onboard guides.
11.4    It is strictly forbidden to carry any kind of weapon or dangerous materials like explosives, gas, gasoline or other inflammable substances. These objects will be confiscated by security control without being entitled to compensation.
11.5    The passenger is not entitled to claim compensation in any of these cases and is liable for any damage to the ship its equipment and facilities, other passengers, crew, temporary workers and third persons caused by him or by persons or pets under his supervision. The passenger is also liable for any sanctions, fines and tickets imposed on the carrier by any authority of any country for actions committed by him.


12    Right to Refuse Carriage
12.1    The Captain and/or carrier reserves the right to refuse any passenger or shipment for any reason, including security reasons or at its discretion, for the following and similar reasons:
12.2    If the passengers passport, ID or immigration states is in question.
12.3    Passenger misconduct, age or mental or physical state.
12.4    If the passenger requires special assistance from the carrier.
12.5    If the passenger presents any kind of risk or danger to others or to their property.
12.6    The Captain and/or carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to passengers who arrive at the boarding point in an inebriated state or while under the influence of drugs to the extent that they could adversely affect the safety or comfort of other passengers or disrupt the journey. In such an event the ticket price will not be refunded.
12.6.1    If the passenger refuses immigration and customs controls and/or security checks.
12.6.2    If the Ticket presented by the passenger has been acquired illegally, or if it has been issued or purchased from someone other than the carrier or its authorized agent, or if it is reported as being stolen or lost, or if it is a forged ticket, or if someone other than the carrier or its authorized agent has modified it or if it is (in which case the carrier reserves the right to confiscate such a Ticket) or if the person presenting the Ticket is unable to demonstrate that he/she is the person named in the section "Passenger Name" (in which case the carrier reserves the right to confiscate such a Ticket).
12.6.3    Any flammable or explosive gases, such as LPG or CNG, are not accepted on ferries.
12.6.4    The carrier shall not pay compensation to passengers who have been refused carriage.


13    Passenger Misconduct onboard the Ferry/Carrier
13.1    In the event that a passenger behaves in a manner which endangers the ship or any individual or property or which impedes any member of the transportation staff from performing his/her duties or fails to comply with the requests of the transportation staff or gives rise to reasonable complaints from other passengers, the carrier may take the measures it deems appropriate to prevent the continuation of the misconduct in question, including restraining the passenger.
13.2    Passengers must not leave their seats during departure and docking maneuvers. Passengers must observe any warnings announced by the public address system during the course of the journey. The carrier shall not be liable for any injuries or damages arising from failure to comply with these regulations.
13.3    If the passenger smokes during the journey in spite of being instructed by crew not to do so.
13.4    If the passenger causes a disturbance to or provoke complaints from other passengers.
13.5    If they are or suspected of being under the influence of any narcotic or banned substance or drug or under the influence of alcohol. In this event, the passenger will be banned from any future travel by the carrier. 


14    Passengers State of Health
14.1    Disabled persons or persons with restricted mobility must inform the carrier on reservation and upon arrival in the port. They must be at the port at least one hour before departure to enable the crew to make any special arrangements necessary.
14.2    Special medical conditions have to be notified on reservation.
14.3    Ultimately, the captain of the ship has the right to deny embarkation to any person whose physical or mental condition is in question or any person who may present a danger to themselves or other passengers, this includes passengers whom are or suspected of being under the influence of any narcotic or banned substance or drug or under the influence of alcohol.


15    Shipping
15.1    Valid identification such as a passport and/or Local ID must be provided to process shipments.
15.2    Please visit Shipping Services for detailed information about shipping on board Dawn II.
15.3    Please visit Mutty's Pride  for detailed information about shipping with Blues & Blues, LTD.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding these policies.

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