Yachting in Saba

We are delighted to welcome you and your guests to the beautiful Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean, Saba! 

Saba has partially reopened as of May 1st, 2021

Quarantining has been lifted for fully-vaccinated persons, quarantining for non-vaccinated persons will be decreased to five days and vaccinated day trippers will be welcomed again.

Only vaccinated persons will be allowed as day trippers.

Anchorage Information

Saba's only port is located at Fort Bay, on the south-west shore of the island. We share the small docks with ferries, dive boats, fisherman, cargo and commercial vessels.


There is a tender pier which makes bringing your guests ashore a breeze. For safety purposes, do not attempt to come ashore along the coastline. 

For larger yachts, we recommend dropping your own hook in one of the anchorage zones. Click on the Anchorage map for your reference. Ideal locations will very on weather conditions during your visit, however there are some great spots to tuck away in. 

Clearance Information

As your clearing agent we are able to clear your vessel, guests and crew electronically, there is no need to come ashore. Prior to your arrival, please email us your guest list, crew list, passport pictures, the clearance from your last port of call and ship's registry. Please complete the required local clearance forms. The Saba Conservation yacht registration form lists the nature fees and local restrictions, it must be signed by the Captain. 

Required forms, click to download:

Yachts with fully vaccinated guests and crew are able to dive with instructors from the dive boat or your yachts tender. 
Not vaccinated? No problem!

We are able to accommodate divers with our partners at Sea Saba! 

This simple approach has been created so that Sea Saba staff will have no physical contact with either the guests or crew of any visiting yacht but still be able to share Saba’s prolific dive sites:

  1. Certification Cards

    • Submit scans or photos of certification cards (front and back, please) must be received in advance of arrival.

  2. Release Form

    • The Sea Saba liability release form must be completely filled out and received electronically prior to arrival (the right side of the form with diver background information is needed to determine dive site choice).

  3. Meet at the dive site

    • ​One of Sea Saba’s 40’ dive boats will rendezvous with the yacht tender at a dive site chosen based on conditions and divers’ experience level.

    • Yacht tender will tie off the stern of Sea Saba vessel; yacht crew member will remain on yacht tender as surface support; Sea Saba crew member will remain on Sea Saba boat as surface support.

  4. Dive Briefing

    • Sea Saba will have a minimum of two experienced dive instructors on board. A detailed dive briefing, including a drawing, will be conducted from our vessel while the yacht crew and guests remain in the yacht tender—close enough to see and hear the briefing but at a social distance of more than 6 feet and wearing masks.

  5. Getting in the water

    • With dive masks on faces and regulators in their mouths, all divers will meet Sea Saba instructor/guide on the surface, at the mooring line and begin their descent. The dive will be guided by one of our experienced instructors.

  6. Getting out of the water

    • Once the dive is completed and divers reach the surface, masks will remain in place and regulators in mouths.

    • Yacht crew on tender will assist yacht divers back on board yacht tender. Sea Saba crew will return to Sea Saba boat.

  7. Rental Equipment 

    • If any rental equipment is required, it will be picked up by one yacht crew person without physical contact—it can be left at a dedicated area of the pier or transferred at dive site. 


Things to do on Saba

Saba offers a variety of adventures to be enjoyed!


  • Hiking

  • Scuba Diving

  • Island Tours

  • Gin Tasting

  • Fine Dining

  • Photography

  • Bird Watching

  • Snorkeling

  • Hot Glass Workshops 

We would be happy to pre-arrange island tours, scuba diving, guided hiking gin tasting and fine dining as well.


There is a lot of wonderful information about hiking, guests can plan a guided hike with one of the park rangers or venture off and explore themselves. Guided hiking can be booked directly with us and we will take care of all of the arrangements. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Click on the buttons below for more information about the Nature of Saba, the current Saba Conservation Trail advisory for independent hikers and to learn more about diving in Saba's pristine Marine Park. 

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Shopping on Saba

You will not find any brand names stores on Saba, what you will find is a variety of unique and high quality shops offering hand crafted and some one of a kind pieces.

Saba, Dutch Caribbean
Saba, Dutch Caribbean

@ Kai Wulf
@ Kai Wulf


Saba, Dutch Caribbean
Saba, Dutch Caribbean